RELINCO distributes Rotary Unions FILTON

A Rotary Union is a device which can be connected to a rotating shaft and allow the leakproof transfer of fluids to and from the stationary services.

The vital components of Rotary unions are the rotary seals and the bearing support systems. 

Rotary Seals

For the majority of applications the FILTON BELLOWS SEAL is the most efficient. If pressure and/or speed exceed the capability of the bellows seal we can provide a FILTON MECHANICAL SEAL.

Bellows seals

Mechanical seals

The Filton Bellows Seal has advantages over the mechanical seal on steam, hot water and heat transfer fluids. This seal does not contain any elastomeric components and is therefore satisfactory The Filton Mechanical Seal is utilised for higher pressures, such as hydraulic systems and the higher shaft speeds used, for example, on machine tools. The springs for the mechanical seal are out of the fluid flow area.

The one common factor with both Filton Bellows Seals and Mechanical Seals is the quality of the seal contact faces. These are lapped to a high accuracy and checked optically to ensure the correct flatness is obtained.


The range of Rotary Unions we offer include units with standard ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings and carbon journal and thrust bearings.
The ball bearings used generally have an upper temperature limit of 180°C, (this can be exceeded with special bearings and lubrication), whereas carbon bearings can be used up to 300°C. Carbon bearings have speed limitations which can be far exceeded by ball bearings.

Notes about the fluids :
Fluids should be free of abrasive particles and water systems should be treated if “scaling” is likely to occur.
These products are intended for use on a factory environment. Contact us if the installation is subjected to climatic conditions