Rotary (L.C.) Union L.C.

Presentation of Rotary (L.C.) Unions

The Rotary (L.C.) Union is intended to light duty applications and is of a simple design using the minimum amount of parts. It is not intended as a unit that can be repaired, though this is possible. For low pressures, temperatures and modest speeds with occasional use it is ideal. For continuous use and easy repairability we recommend the Rotary (R.E.) Union, or the Rotary (P.B.) Union.

The Rotary (L.C.) Union is also useful if there are space limitations, for example where two rotary shafts are close together, or there is limited space between the shaft end and the machine frame.
There are two different types available :

Type L.C./B.E. • Type L.C./S.T.

Example : Rotary (L.C.) Union type B.E.

The components with an asterisk rotate with the machine shaft


Mechanical seal assembly.

Ball bearings – life lubricated.

Rotary spindle.

Operational Guidelines

Fluids : Water, mineral oil and lubricated air. All fluids must be free of abrasives.

Pressure : 10 bar maximum.

Vacuum : 740 mm Hg maximum.

Temperature : -20°C to 75°C.

Speed : 2000 r.p.m. maximum