Special Connections flanges brides TYPE 1 / 2 / 3

If the standard screw threaded connections are unacceptable we can supply Rotary Unions with flanged interfaces. A shaft may be regularly changing from clockwise to anti-clockwise rotation which could unscrew a threaded unit. In this case the rotary spindle needs flanging.
Rotating flanges need to be carefully designed as concentric mounting is essential. These flanges can be based on any of the standard flange specifications but they will need a concentric location spigot or recess.

The common types of spindle flange design are shown in the adjacent diagram.
We will manufacture rotary flanges to suit any shaft end dimensions that may be required. Contact us !

If flanges are required for the stationary connections, these can be provided to any of the National or International specifications such as :

A.F.N.O.R., A.N.S.I., BS.10, BS.1560, BS.4504, D.I.N., I.S.O.

We recommend BS.4504 for all new design work where equipment is to be used in the European Community. Flanged connections on all ports are recommended where the temperature exceeds 200°C. We have a range of flanged ROTARY (H.T.F.) UNIONS for this type of application. Contact us for more details !