Material and Mechanical Variations variantes / Variations

There are times when our standard materials of construction are unacceptable due to the fluid flow or the working environment.
Common Variations of this type are coded as shown adjacent.
If the material you require is not shown please contact our Technical Department to discuss your requirements.

Variations on seal face materials are also available to suit specific needs.

Code Variation
LF Reduced torque – available for the R.E., and R.E.B. only.
LO Overall length reduced – types B.E. only for the R.E., R.E.B., C.B. & C.B.N.
N.I. External surfaces electroless nickel plated.
SLB Sealed for life ball bearings ? for R.E., P.B. and R.E.B. only.
SS All metal parts (except ball bearings) in stainless steel 316511.
SSC Fluid wetted metal parts in stainless steel 316S11.
TC Tungsten carbide seal faces – up to 50 (2″) nominal bore only.
TCC Tungsten carbide to carbon seal faces – up to 50 (2″) nominal bore o.
Y2 Seal faces for dry running