Syphon elbows FILTON coude siphon – Syphon elbows

Presentation of the syphon elbows

The FILTON SYPHON ELBOW is a useful accessory for Rotary (P.B.), (R.E.B), (C.B.) and (C.B.N.) Unions, type S.T. on steam service.
The majority of steam cylinders are fitted with a curved syphon tube for condensate extraction.

If the diameter to length ratio of the cylinder end bore prevents the use of a curved syphon tube from being fitted the FILTON SYPHON ELBOW should be used. This allows two pieces of straight pipe to be used, the FILTON SYPHON ELBOW hinging open to allow fitting through the bore of the cylinder end. It is advisable to fit the syphon tube to port “O” of the Rotary Union type S.T., locking it with a backnut and checking its down pipe position in relation to port “B” before installation.

The syphon tube assembly is cantilevered from port ‘O’ in the ROTARY UNION. The syphon tube length and weight can cause too much deflection and load on the ROTARY UNION bearings, it is therefore sometimes necessary to include a syphon tube support bearing within the cylinder.
The standard FILTON SYPHON ELBOWS have the bodies constructed from brass, with the hinge in stainless steel and the sealing ring in fluorocarbon. For heavy syphon tubes and corrosive conditions the bodies may be provided in stainless steel. If this is INSTALLED required add the code ‘S’ to the part number.

To select a suitable SYPHON ELBOW for a Rotary (P.B.), (R.E.), (R.E.B.) (C.B.) or (C.B.N.) Union type S.T. check the centre tube thread, dimension “O” of the appropriate Rotary Union. The thread ‘A’ of the SYPHON ELBOW must match this.

Part No.
8 (¼”) 14961
10 (3/8″) 14940
15 (½”) 14962
20 (¾”) 14963

Dimensions of syphon elbows FILTON

8 (¼”) G.¼” 9.5 19.0 22.2 22.9 19.1
10 (3/8″) G.3/8″ 12.7 27.0 31.8 29.5 22.2
15 (½”) G.½” 15.8 28.6 34.1 36.3 28.6
20 (¾”) G.¾” 19.0 34.9 42.9 42.7 34.9
Dimensions in millimetres

‘G’ is the designation for parallel pipe threads to BS2779 and ISO 228/1







Typical Application

FILTON SYPHON ELBOW shown with a FILTON ROTARY UNION type S.T. on a steam heated cylinder.