FILTON Rotary (P.B.) Unions

Presentation of Rotary (P.B.) Unions

The Rotary (P.B.) Union has been developed from the Rotary (R.E.) Union and utilises the same well-proven and highly successful bellows seal and bearing system.

The body is manufactured from de-zincification resistant brass which has advantages over conventional brass and the cast iron adaptor of the Rotary (R.E.) Union on many water cooling applications.
There are three types available which are described below.

Type P.B./B.E. • Type P.B./S.T. • Type P.B./R.S.

Example : FILTON Rotary (P.B.) Unions type S.T.

Elbow, brass.

Bellows sub-assembly, brazed stainless steel.


Seal ring sub-assembly, steel/carbon.

Locking screw, h.t. steel.



Ball bearings.

Body, dzr brass.

Locking ring.

Rotary spindle, steel.

Centre tube, if ordered, to customers specification.


NB :The components with an asterisk rotate with the machine shaft

Mechanical Seals are also available (add MS to the Part No)

Operational Guidelines

Fluids : Water, steam, mineral oils and compressed air.
All fluids should be clean and free from abrasive particles

Pressure : 17 bar maximum.

Vacuum : 740 mm Hg. maximum
(specify vacuum and we will test for this).

Temperature : -20°C à 160°C.

Speed : 1000 r.p.m. maximum with the bellows seal, 1500 r.p.m. maximum with the mechanical seal.

It is not advisable to combine maximums

Flow capacity
Type Water*
15 (½”) BE 1.7 61 58
ST & RS 0.3 27 10
20 (¾”) BE 2.7 101 96
ST & RS 0.6 41 22
* Flow at a velocity of 3 m/s (applies also to other liquids)
** Flow at a velocity of 30 m/s and a pressure of 6 bar
*** Flow at a velocity of 15 m/s and a pressure of 6 bar