Flexible hoses FILTON tuyaux flexibles – Flexible hoses





The construction of our standard flexible hose is :

Stainless steel convoluted tube.

Stainless steel external reinforcing braid.

Mild steel end fittings.

The assembly is welded and pressure tested.

Fixed male to swivel male end fittings

The table and diagram above show our standard range of flexible hose for use with our Rotary Unions on water, steam, low pressure oil and hot oil services. The lengths shown are the minimum recommended to give the necessary curvature and flexibility for connection to the Rotary Unions.

Part No. D* L1 L2 Min. centre
line bend
M240/1 R.¼” 150 182 102 77
M240/2 R.3/8″ 230 262 152 60
M240/3 R.½” 305 343 203 60
M240/4 R.¾” 305 343 191 41
M240/5 R.1″ 380 424 261 34
M240/6 R.1¼” 460 517 229 27
M240/7 R.1½” 460 517 254 25
M240/8 R.2″ 610 667 279 24
M240/9 R.2½” 610 674 330 17
M240/10 R.3″ 760 831 381 17
M240/11 R.4″ 915 1016 500 17
M240/12 R.5″ 915 1035 740 17
M240/13 R.6″ 915 1042 970 17
Dimensions in millimetres

‘R’ is the designation for tapered pipe threads to BS21 and ISO 7/1 (formerly designated B.S.P. taper)

We also have a similar size range to the above with the end fittings in stainless steel instead of mild steel. If these are required use the base part number M241 instead of M240.

As well as the standard range shown, we can provide lengths to your own requirements together with a variety of end fittings. The popular types of end fittings are shown in the adjacent diagrams.
Alternative pipe threads can also be provided, for example NPT.
If you require flanged fittings, one flange should be a swivel type to aid stressfree fitting. A swivel flange should always be used if the opposite end is a fixed threaded type. We can provide flanges to the following specifications :
A.F.N.O.R., A.N.S.I., BS.10, BS.1560, BS.4504, D.I.N., I.S.O.