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FILTON Rotary (I.N.T.) Unions

Presentation Type I.N.T./B.E. Type I.N.T./S.T. Operational Guidelines

Rotary (I.N.T.) Union - Type B.E.
The components with an asterisk rotate with the machine shaft
Example : Rotary (I.N.T.) Union
type B.E.
Body, plated steel.
Bellows sub-assembly, brazed stainless steel.
Seal ring sub-assembly, steel/carbon.
Locking screw, h.t. steel.
Circlip, spring steel.
Ball bearings.
'O' Ring seal, nitrite rubber.
Spindle, steel.
Locking ring, steel.

Presentation of Rotary (I.N.T.) Unions
The Rotary (I.N.T.) Union is for use where there is a space limitation between the roll end and the machine frame.
The end of the roll is bored out to accept this self-contained unit. The Rotary Seal fitted is a Filton Bellows Seal which is identical to the seals fitted in the Rotary (R.E.) Union, an alternative Filton Mechanical seal is available for higher pressures and speeds.
The rotary parts of the Rotary (I.N.T.) Union are held in position by a clamping ring which is part of the roll end design. The services must be connected with flexible hose.
There are two variations of the stationary spindle end described below :

Type I.N.T./B.E.
This Rotary (I.N.T.) Union is a single flow unit and is suitable for transferring fluid into or out of rotating machines.

Type I.N.T./B.E. for single flow

Part No.s
8 (¼") 17128
10 (3/8") 17129
15 (½") 17130
20 (¾") 17131
25 (1") 17132

Model I.N.T. - Type B.E.

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Type I.N.T./S.T.
This Rotary (I.N.T.) Union is fitted with a spindle suitable for double flow with a stationary centre tube. This gives flow areas through the centre tube and annulus. Centre tubes are only provided if ordered. The Centre tube is fixed to the Rotary (I.N.T.) Union by means of a screw thread shown as dimension "O" flow can pass through the centre tube and return through the annulus or be reversed.

Type I.N.T./S.T. for double flow
stationary centre tube

Part No.s
8 (¼") 17133
10 (3/8") 17134
15 (½") 17135
20 (¾") 17136
25 (1") 17137

Model I.N.T. - Type S.T.

Operational Guidelines
Fluids : Using a Filton Bellows Seal, water and steam. Using a Filton Mechanical Seal, compressed air (lubricated) and oil. All fluids should be clean and free from abrasive particles.

Pressure : 17 bar maximum, for the Filton Bellows Seal ; 34 bar maximum for the Filton Mechanical Seal.

Temperature : -20°C to 140°C.

Speed : 1000 r.p.m. maximum for the Filton Bellows Seal ; 1500 r.p.m. maximum for the Filton Mechanical Seal.

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Flow capacity
Type Water*
8 (¼") BE 0.3 11 11
ST 0.05 3.4 2
10 (3/8") BE 0.8 31 29
ST 0.1 16 4
15 (½") BE 1.7 61 58
ST 0.3 27 10
20 (¾") BE 2.7 101 96
ST 0.6 41 22
25 (1") BE 4.1 151 144
ST 1.8 56 44
* Flow at a velocity of 3 m/s (applies also to other liquids)
** Flow at a velocity of 30 m/s and a pressure of 6 bar
*** Flow at a velocity of 15 m/s and a pressure of 6 bar
It is not advisable to combine maximums

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